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problems installing SQL 2008 in WINDOWS 2008 in cluster February 24, 2010

Posted by juanpablo1manrique in Alta Disponibilidad, Cluster, IT, SQL SERVER 2008, Windows 2008.

Hello Friends

I have problems installing SQL 2008 in WINDOWS 2008 in cluster, the installation start but not finish.

I see de log …

Detailed results:
Feature: Database Engine Services
Status: Failed: see logs for details
MSI status: Passed
Configuration status: Failed: see details below
Configuration error code: 0x4BDAF9BA@1306@23
Configuration error description: Could not find the Database Engine startup handle.
Configuration log: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20100119_121017\Detail.txt
And in detail you can see.

Error: Action “ConfigEvent_SQL_FullText_Adv_sql_fulltext_Cpu64_CompleteFailoverCluster_ConfigRC_postmsi” failed during execution.
2010-01-19 13:42:59 Slp: Action “ConfigEvent_SQL_Engine_Core_Inst_sql_engine_core_inst_Cpu64_CompleteFailoverCluster_Startup_postmsi” will return false due to the following conditions:
2010-01-19 13:42:59 Slp: Condition “Feature dependency condition for action: ConfigEvent_SQL_Engine_Core_Inst_sql_engine_core_inst_Cpu64_CompleteFailoverCluster_Startup_postmsi The condition tests feature: SQL_Engine_Core_Inst_sql_engine_core_inst_Cpu64. There are 10 dependant features. The feature is tested for results: ValidateResult, Result.” did not pass as it returned false and true was expected.
2010-01-19 13:42:59 Slp: Condition is false because the required feature SQL_Engine_Core_Inst_sql_engine_core_inst_Cpu64 failed in result Result

The solution was unable de recicly bin

– Right click on the “Recycle Bin” icon. A window will open
– Click on the “Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” copy from (http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Clustering/68967/)


1. Ricky - April 10, 2011

26vo1v Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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