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Project Server – Custom Field Formula Samples April 8, 2015

Posted by juanpablo1manrique in SharePoint.
  • [Client Billable Cost] – [Internal cost]
  • ProjectDateAdd([Baseline Estimated Finish],”5d”,”Standard”)
  • ProjectDateDiff([Baseline1 Finish],[Baseline1 Estimated Finish], “Standard”)
  • IIf([Baseline1 Estimate Finish]<>ProjDateValue(“NA”),True, False)IIf([Milestone], 0,
  • IIf([Baseline Estimated Finish] <> ProjDateValue(“NA”), [duration Variance]/[Baseline Duration], 0)
  • IIf([Milestone],”NA”,IIf([Baseline Estimated Finish] <> ProjDAteValue(“NA”), ([Duration Variance]/[Baseline Duration]) * 100 & “%”,”0%”))

Steps implementation

  • Create ECF’s (Enterprise Custom Fields)
  • Create PDP’s (Project Detail Pages)
  • Create workflow phases and stages
  • Create Project Templates
  • Create WorkFlows
  • Create EPT’s (Enterprise Project Types)



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