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assembly fill complex type by reflection December 15, 2014

Posted by juanpablo1manrique in SharePoint.

The code say everything

string dllName = “Mycomponent.dll”;
string typeEntityName = “Mycomponent.DBEntity”;

Assembly assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(“C:\\” + dllName);
Type typeEntity = assembly.GetType(typeEntity);

object objByreflection = Activator.CreateInstance(typeEntityName);

//ahora la magia
PropertyInfo pinfoprop1 = typeEntity.GetProperty(“prop1”);
pinfoprop1.SetValue(objByreflection, value1, null);

PropertyInfo pinfoprop2 = typeEntity.GetProperty(“prop2”);
pinfoprop2.SetValue(objByreflection, value2, null);

return objByreflection;


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