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Register-SPWorkflowService : The underlying connection was closed January 17, 2013

Posted by juanpablo1manrique in SharePoint2013.

Este error me aparecio instalando Workflow 2013 SharePoint.

Register-SPWorkflowService : The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Client ActivityId : ee2de3e9-3f96-4a6f-96b9-321e126cc37f.

Este sucedia cuando se ejecutaba mal el commando, se arreglo utilizando la direccion completa del dominio.


Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite “http://devPC:90/TeamSite” –WorkflowHostUri “https://devPC:12290” –AllowOAuthHttp

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite “http://devPC:90/TeamSite” –WorkflowHostUri “https://devPC.mydomain.loc:12290” –AllowOAuthHttp

Aqui puedes observer todos los detalles de la instalación

Installing and configuring workflow for SharePoint Server 2013, Step by Step




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2. enuxasep1970 - February 14, 2013


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