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SharePoint can’t replicated the WEB Applications in different servers March 11, 2010

Posted by juanpablo1manrique in Alta Disponibilidad, Alto Desempeño, Best Practices, Cluster, IIS 7.0, Install, NLB.

Well, in this days I found that after installing the nodes of SharePoint farm, I see that the WEB Applications are not replicated in different servers. Whereupon I am saying that if SharePoint is installed properly and the NLB is configured correctly, sharepoint administrator enginier can create WebApplications from CentralAdministrator and forget completely if It properly replicated on all servers. This marvel that is achieved through a service called Application Server SharePoint Timer Job Administration Service which may be found in the operations tab and then Timer Job Definitions. This marvel of service runs with administrative permissions, then is mandatory that the Windows SharePoint Services run with a user with administrative permissions on all machines. Having said that an important tip before installing the nodes in each server is that when you install SharePoint the installation is logged with the account you are running SharePoint services “domain \ SHPservice” if this does not happen and is not replicated sites can do the following. Uninstall SharePoint Server, control panel and then go to add and remove programs and uninstall and reinstall in ideal conditions mentioned above, and is supplied again. :: All programs and runs the wizard of SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard. It runs all again and verifies that the service Application Server Administration Service Timer Job has run successfully if it does not work you have problems. But letrasandnumeros’ve is the right place to fix it. The first thing you do is update the registry permissions that need to access SharePoint. This is done using the psconfig found in% COMMONPROGRAMFILES% \ Microsoft Shared \ web server extensions \ 12 \ bin “is a very good option because he does everything himself. psconfig-cmd secureresources After this you need to run some commands that allow you to modify permissions sharepoint services, using the stdadm (% CommonProgramFiles% \ Microsoft Shared \ web server extensions \ 12 \ bin) which are: stsadm-o-userlogin updatefarmcredentials-password ****** ***** iisreset% This is necessary before continue stsadm-o-userlogin updateaccountpassword-password ******** ********-noadmin stsadm.exe-o-farmserviceaccount spsearch-farmservicepassword ******** ******** stsadm.exe-o-farmcontentaccessaccount spsearch-farmcontentaccesspassword ******** ******** stsadm.exe-o editssp-title ‘[ShareServiceProviderName]’-ssplogin-ssppassword ******** ******** stsadm.exe-o-farmserviceaccount OSearch-farmservicepassword ******** ******** And again iisreset The previous command lines you can to use to build a. Bat or. Cmd file and maybe use the day that the Enterprise domain administrator change the password to the service user. I hope they will be helpful Greetings


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